Behavioral neurobiology of Drosophila

  • 17 May 2023
    1:00 PM
  • The lecture will take place in Section of Animal Physiology and Immunology. Exact lecture room will be specified later.

Ezequiel Axel Gorostiza


For more than 100 years, Drosophila melanogaster has been one of the most relevant model organisms in science. Its remarkable genetic and experimental tractability has led to the development of a constantly growing genetic toolbox. These features have made Drosophila a key player in many areas of research. Specifically, in neuroscience fruit flies have contributed to milestone discoveries on neural function, molecular basis of behavior, and nervous system development, among other topics. The relatively large but tractable nervous system, plus the many genetic tools available, have helped identify parts of the neural substrates for many behaviors from the rich repertoire displayed by these flies. During this lecture, we will learn and discuss the latest tools used in the behavioral neurobiology field, that led to these discoveries, and the future perspectives. Moreover, we will dig into the amazing complexity of Drosophila behavioral repertoire, and through examples we will expose the higher levels of it.

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